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  • izupenrob 3:42 am on October 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    何時(nanji) = Whattime (and not “what time”) 

    The word for asking “what time” is 何時(なんじ、nanji)。

    But people usually confuse this with the word “time” which is 時間(じかん、ikan)

    This is because you have phrases like、

    今日の ご飯の 準備の 時間は 何時 ですか?
    kyou-no gohan-no jyunbi-no jikan-wa nanji desuka?

    But actually you can simply the sentence by omitting the word “time” or 時間(じかん、jikan)

    今日の ご飯の 準備    は 何時 ですか?
    kyou-no gohan-no jyunbi wa nanji desuka?

    You see the difference? This understanding actually comes from the fact that in english (and other latin languages) the word “time” is classified or modified by the word “what”, becoming a ‘phrase’ of “what time”. However in japanese, as you can combine two or more kanji characters to make a new word, the word “何時(なんじ、nanji) sounds like ‘one word’ to an foreign ear. Therefore, when you compare it to a language like english where you would ‘modify’ the word “time” with the word “what” to create a ‘phrase’ called ‘what time’ or in literal japanese “time of what”

    Another way to think is to treat the japanese 何(なん、nan *note that 何 alone is pronounced なに、nani) like prefixes in Englsih. It’s also a sign that where it is pronounced like 何(なん,nan) instead of 何(なに、nani), it will work much like a prefix in a word “what-time”, thus therefore, as the title of this post says “whattime”…

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    時期(じき) timing (in relativity to an time frame, such as “life” “eternity””during adolesence”) 

    時期(じき) timing (in relativity to an time frame, such as “life” “eternity””during adolesence”)

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    Months, Duration of months 

    1月(いちがつ) January
    2月(にがつ) Feburary
    3月(さんがつ) March

    1カ月間(かげつ かん) for duration of 1 month
    2カ月間(かげつ かん) for duration of 2 months
    3カ月間(かげつ かん) for duration of 3 months

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    How do I say “just now” or “just a moment ago?” 

    たった、今(いま) just now
    さっき just a moment ago

    You can use these phrases at the very beginning of your sentences.

     I just woke up now.

     I just finished now.

     I woke up just a moment ago.
     I finished just a moment ago.

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    たった、今 just now

    さっき just a moment ago

    時間があるとき when I have free time

    時間を過ごす spend time

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    Time frame 

    Time frame
    Put these partiicle on the das of the week
     から from/to
     まで until
     に at/on


  • izupenrob 12:29 pm on April 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    まで・から Until/From 

    まで until
    から from

    いつまで until when
    いつから from when

    7月(がつ)まで until July
    7月(がつ)から from July

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