Here are list of helpful resources that may help you along with your studies.

Japanese grammar (Wikipedia)
From genki online. I found these to be particulary helpful.

助詞の一覧表 (particle lists for Genki 1&2 with example sentences)
追加アクティビティ (additional activities for Genki)

NHK Web Easy
I believe the intended audiences for this news sight is Japanese children ages 7-12. It has hiragana “rubi”s so that you can read all your kanjis. You can also use rikaci-chan/rikai-kun broweser add-ons, so you can look up translations as you go along reading the material.
Though intended for a younger audience. The actual written language is very close to how adults speak to each other in a conversation. It maybe helpful to actually “dictate” some of the material on this website while you get the latest news from Japan.
Rikaichan for Firefox & Rikaikun for Chrome.
One of the best dictionaries out there, and they’re web browser extentions!
Japanese to English/German/French/Russian dictionary. Just put mouse on a Japanese word and the dictionary automatically pops up. Great for learning verbs, nouns, and suprisingly effective for learning kanji readings (you can actually learn the 音読み”on” and 訓読み”kun” at the same time.)

Tae Kim’s guide to Japanese grammar.
Inevitably one of the best learning resources made by a Japanese-language learner. If you get stuck with grasping the grammar concept, this site might help you.

Eijiro on the Web
Enlgish to Japanese / Japanese to English dictionary, rather than only giving the definition it provides you many (I mean a lot) of example sentences. It may help you to build a bigger understanding.


List of gairaigo and wasei-eigo terms

Kanji Level Check (Meguro Language Center Japanese Language School)


Hirogaru Nihongo

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