[Asking for the bill] お勘定ください。お会計ください。が

two person holding credit card closeup photo
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お勘定(を)ください! O-kanjo (wo) kudasai!

The bill please!


お会計(を)お願いします! O-kaikei (wo) onegai-shimasu!

The bill please!

If you go to a Japanese restaurant in Japan, one thing you cannot avoid is ordering the bill.

お勘定 (okanjo)


お会計 (okaikei)

both mean pretty much the same thing. In short, the “check/bill”.

Of course the system in Japan is order & eat at the table -> ask for check at the table -> pay for the check either at the table or at the cashier, but you should say this while you are sitting (before you head to the cashier) so that your waiter/table clerk can finalize your check/bill.

Good luck ordering!

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