The most useful grammar knowledge

There are 2 basic forms of Japanese conversations.


S は Noun/Adj/Adv です。


S  is Noun/Adj/Adv.


Sは/ が O を V(conjugated)

S   V  O

Difference between English and Japanese

  • Word Order
  • particles vs. prepositions/articles(a, the)
  • Japanese often omits the Subject to be written/spoken.

Many of the other conversations you may NOT understand, has few traits.

  • Most of the phrases you might not be able to understand are what I called “connecting clause”. These are mainly constructed of conjunctions and other things that make the conversation have a “flow”.
  • There are also uses of words like “あの~

Good thing to master is AFFIRMATIONS. These are words like “はい”、”ええ”、”ああ”、”そうですか”、”そうですね”, these will be sign that you acknowledge the other person, and will immensely help you with the overall flow of the conversation.

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