How to say “Never”

A question I get asked often is how to say “Never” in Japanese.
This is a tricky question, so I would like to give you some explanation.

Here is the word for the word “never”

however, the literal meaning of the word means “absolute(ly)

absolutely none
= Eng. Absolutely not (Never)

the above sentence is followed by a negative phrase,
HOWEVER, when used in with conjunction with a positive phrasing, the meaning turns around 180 degrees and becomes a positive, or the connotative meaning is the antonym of “never”

絶対に おいしいに 違いない。
Absolutely must be not mistakenly delicious
= ENG It absolutely must be delicious = coll ENG. It must be delicious.

Hence there is no word for “never” and “eternally” (well… for “eternally” there is 永遠に but assuming from the word structure, this is presumably a word adopted from another foreign language)
The way to somewhat express these words are:

never = 絶対にない (absolutely not)
always = いつも

there doesn’t not seem to be an Japanese equivalent for the English word “ever”….


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